MiPSAC Membership Information

There are two ways to become a member of MiPSAC, the state chapter of APSAC.

Joining APSAC (apply at www.apsac.org) and paying your annual APSAC dues makes you a member of MiPSAC if your membership address is in Michigan. A portion of your APSAC membership fee is sent to MiPSAC to cover your membership to MiPSAC.

Our changed bylaws have created an in-state membership category to join MiPSAC–this does NOT include APSAC membership. You may become a MiPSAC member without joining APSAC by submitting the information below. If all qualifications are met and you are approved for MiPSAC membership, you will receive an e-mail requesting payment of annual MiPSAC membership dues of $25.

If you have questions, please contact the MiPSAC membership chair, Dena Nazer, at [email protected].

Please complete the following form to apply for MiPSAC membership.