Recent CA&N Media Articles, Cases and Resources

Recent CA&N Media Articles, Cases and Resources

Some recent media articles and resources relating to child abuse and neglect. If you have items that you think would be helpful to include in this occasional post, please forward them to me at the email in my signature block.

These stories were chosen because of their perceived relevance to the child welfare community. MiPSAC is not responsible for the views expressed in any of these articles, nor does it take a position for or against the positions expressed in the articles. They are presented merely to provide a sampling of what the media is saying about child welfare.

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Report: Mich. must reform foster care

Detroit News – Feb 18th: Michigan is betraying children with its “take the child and run mentality,” and needs to work harder to keep kids with their families, according to study released today by National Coalition for Child Protection Reform. Detroit News Story

Foster Care System Unkind To Black Children

  • Tell Me More, February 16, 2009 · Roughly half a million children throughout the U.S. are in foster care. But a recent findings by the Center for the Study of Social Policy shows that African-American youngsters are more likely to be steered into foster care at disproportionate rates than whites, and are often “negatively characterized and labeled” by child welfare workers. Kristen Weber, co-author of the recent study; Bernadette Blount, of the Child Welfare Organizing Project in New York, and psychologist Toni Heinemen, creator and executive director of A Home Within, discuss how a child’s race can influence his or her chance at finding a loving home. Includes a case example from Michigan. Requires a sound card and speakers. Full Conversation

Sabotaged By the System

  • NEWSWEEK, Feb 16th: Kids aging out of the foster care system find that they can’t get credit because someone has stolen and used their identites to run up bad debts. Full Story

Michigan programs relating to CAN prevention.

  • These links connect to several Michigan programs relating to CAN prevention. Unfortunately, they are largely under-funded and only available in parts of the state and often are only able to provide services to a fraction of eligible populations.
  • To advance a state policy agenda for very young children and their families, policymakers and advocates need accurate information about other infant and toddler initiatives to inform their efforts and build public support. That’s why ZERO TO THREE, with the support of the A.L. Mailman Family Foundation, has developed Baby Matters: A Gateway to State Policies and Initiatives, an easy-to-use searchable database containing information on state policies and initiatives that impact infants, toddlers and their families. The policies and initiatives in Baby Matters are searchable by state, keyword, and the elements of the Policy Center’s Infant & Toddler Policy Framework. Each entry contains key information on the policy or initiative, as well links to additional related resources. Click here to use this new tool

Court: Michigan Court of Appeals (Unpublished, Feb 5th) Case Name: In re O’Dowd

  • Turns on the credibility of the four year old victim. The Court opinion gives a detailed analysis of the Michigan law relating to credibility of testimony taken from a very young witness who had allegedly been molested by the teenage respondent. Full Opinion

Report: Mich. must reform foster care

  • Detroit News, Feb 10th: The Detroit Medical Center has agreed to pay Wayne State University $12.3 million in doctors’ services over the next 18 months, ending a contract dispute over Medicaid payments to university doctors. This is relevant because some of this money is used to pay for medical costs of children in foster care. Full Story

Judge: Decoy’s age in soccer coach’s Internet sex predator case irrelevant

  • Grand Rapids Press, Feb 9th: Judge: Decoy’s age in soccer coach’s Internet sex predator case irrelevant. Full Story

Effort to Track Sex Offenders Draws Resistance

  • New York Times, Feb 8th: An aggressive federal effort to keep track of sexual offenders is at risk of collapse because of objections from states and legal challenges from sex offenders and others. Full Story

Statistics show that kids don’t count nearly enough

  • Bay City Times, Feb 8th: Statistics show that kids don’t count nearly enough.” Full Editorial

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