Keeping Families Together Matters: An Introduction to Creating Supportive Housing for Child Welfare-Involved Families

2012, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Keeping Families Together was designed to address the needs of the most vulnerable families. The model shows real promise in preventing child welfare involvement and reuniting children with their families in a safe, stable environment.

The Keeping Families Together innovative supportive housing approach combines affordable housing with customized case management services. By leveraging the collaboration of a number of city agencies, the program helps families overcome the bureaucratic hurdles that can arise when trying to navigate these services on their own. The Keeping Families Together pilot achieved promising outcomes for high-need families (see the Metis Evaluation report found at Although the model is not yet considered evidence-based, CSH attributes much of the success of the pilot to its five core components and recommends that any community wishing to initiate a similar project incorporate them. Link to KFT Guidebook

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