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Icebreaker Meetings: Building Relationships Between Birth and Foster Parents

Annie E. Casey Foundation: Building working relationships between birth parents, foster parents, and caseworkers can be extremely important for foster children, and using Icebreaker meetings can be an effective mechanism for doing that. However, to be successful, an agency seeking to introduce Icebreakers must understand how the practice works. This publication is designed to:

  • Give agencies an overview of Icebreaker meetings;
  • Describe a work group process for planning and implementing Icebreaker meetings;
  • Identify common barriers and roadblocks to successful implementation of Icebreaker meetings;
  • Identify implementation steps that are often overlooked or missed;
  • Share successes and examples of agencies using Icebreaker meetings;
  • Share samples of Icebreaker documents and materials developed by agencies from across the country; and
  • Provide a self-assessment tool to guide your planning and implementation.

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Information Packet: Birth Parents in the Adoption Process: Experiences with Voluntary Relinquishment

The process of adoption can produce detrimental effects for birth parents that may last a lifetime, including feelings of depression, sadness, anger, regret, shame, anxiety, grief, loss, and guilt. Adoptions may involve voluntary relinquishment by the birth parent or involuntary relinquishment through a formal termination of parental rights by the court system. This information packet aims to synthesize existing research looking at birth parents that voluntarily relinquish parental rights and explore some of their experiences throughout various steps of the process. Link to Information Packet