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State Approaches toTANF Block Grant, Including Child Welfare

The picture of TANF painted by this paper’s detailed case studies is very different from “welfare” as most Americans think of it. For one thing, there is no national TANF program but rather a different program in each state. Even within each state, TANF is not a single program, and in particular, not a cash welfare program. In every study state except California, the majority of TANF resources are used for purposes other than cash assistance to families. These purposes include child care and child welfare programs, as well as a catch-all group of other programs that meet the purposes of the TANF law. Includes data from Michigan. Link to pdf Paper

Home Visiting Legislation in the States (2009-2012).

2012, National Conference of State Legislatures: Includes a Michigan legislative bill.

HB 5572; 2012: Pending: Requires the Departments of Community Health, Human Services and Education to collaborate and ensure that funds are used to fund programs meeting evidence-based or promising practice standards and programs using home visiting as voluntary, primary method of service delivery for families with children ages 0-5 and pregnant women. Excludes IDEA/early intervention services and services that provide only one-time visitation. Requires state agencies to collaborate on data collection and sharing protocols. Link to pdf Description