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Complying With the Fostering Connections Act and Solutions to Address Agency Challenges

The National Resource Center for Child Welfare Data and   Technology’s (NRCCWDT’s) issue brief series provides comprehensive technical   assistance to States and Tribes on a variety of topics. Two new issues of   Tips, Tools, and Trends address the use of data to meet provisions in the   Federal Fostering Connections legislation and selecting solutions to   adequately address agency challenges.

“Data Considerations for Fostering Connections”   is available here:

http://www.nrccwdt.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Fostering-Connections-TTT.pdf   (550 KB)

“Picking Solutions That Work” is available here:

http://www.nrccwdt.org/2012/04/tips-tools-and-trends-picking-solutions-that-work/   (608 KB)