Deaths and Near Strangulations Prompt Massive Recall of Window Coverings

Three strangulation deaths and seven near strangulations prompt CPSC to issue a massive recall of window coverings. Six companies, including IKEA and Pottery Barn Kids, are recalling 5.5 million Roman shades, roll-up shades and other window coverings. All of these products have a similar deadly hazard, young children can strangle when their neck gets trapped in the exposed cords.

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About once a month a young child dies in this country from a window cord strangulation. Due to the life-threatening hazard these window coverings pose to children, CPSC urges all consumers to examine all shades and blinds in their homes. If looped pull cords, exposed inner cords, or exposed lifting loops are found, replace the blinds or shades with products that do not have these dangerous strangulation hazards.

Please share this important safety information with friends, family and daycare centers.

***Information recieved via US Consumer Product Safety Commission Office of Information and Public Affairs

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