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Requests for Locate Services, Referrals, and Electronic Interface between Child Welfare and Child Support Information Systems

This Information Memorandum discusses several topics related to how child support and child welfare programs can improve their work, including through State child welfare agencies’ requests for location services from State child support agencies, child welfare agencies making appropriate referrals for child support services, electronic data exchanges between child welfare and child support agencies, and program authority to share information with each other. Link to pdf Info Memo

What You Need to Know about Child Well-Being and Serving Children in Family Drug Courts

July 11, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention: Parental substance use disorders are a factor in majority of CWS cases. Research linking the two issues is compelling. Substance use and child maltreatment are often multi-generational problems that can only be addressed through a coordinated approach across multiple systems working in conjunction to address the needs of both the parents and the children. Link to pdf Slides