New CDC Data Highlight Differences in HIV-Related Risk Behavior Trends Among Racial/Ethnic Subgroups of U.S. Adolescents

July 24, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: New   data released by CDC this week during the 2012 International AIDS Conference   indicate fewer U.S. high school students overall are engaging in sexual   behaviors that put them at risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted   diseases. According to the 20-year trend analysis, African-American youth   achieved the greatest declines in risk behavior. Overall progress, however,   has stalled in recent years, and black youth still report higher levels of   sexual risk behaviors than youth of other racial or ethnic groups. Reducing   sexual risk behaviors among America’s youth is critical to achieving the   goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, which calls for educating all young   people on HIV, as well as intensified prevention efforts for populations at   greatest risk, including youth. Link to Article on CDC Web Site

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