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Child Exposure to Domestic Violence (CEDV) Scale

Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse: We are making the CEDV tool freely accessible through the MINCAVA website. The purpose of the tool is to provide practicing professionals and researchers with a standard method to measure the level of exposure to domestic violence that a child may have experienced, allowing for recognition of a continuum of child experiences and the need for corresponding continuum of interventions and practice techniques. It is designed to be self-administered by 10 to 16 year old children. Link to CEDV Web Site

Enhanced Services to Children and Youth Exposed to Domestic Violence

January 2012: Family and Youth Services Bureau, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

This Guide captures the promising practices and lessons learned from nine demonstration projects funded by the Family Violence Prevention and Services Program of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services during 2005 through 2008. These Demonstration of Enhanced Services to Children and Youth Exposed to Domestic Violence sites expanded the fields’ understanding of the varied ways in which children, youth and families experiencing domestic violence can be identified and provided essential services and supports. The Guide showcases these nine demonstration projects, focusing on their goals, collaborative partnerships, experiences, challenges, and successes. The voices of domestic violence victim

advocates at the local and state level, as well as therapists and researchers, are threaded throughout showcase narratives. Their accounts of the promising practices developed and the lessons learned along the way offer the reader a unique opportunity to share in and learn from their experiences. Link to pdf Guide; See also:  Violence Against Women Websitecontains details of studies including two commentaries on Michigan studies.