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The Michigan Department of Human Services (MDHS) Health Oversight and Coordination Plan

December 7, 2011: In Michigan, the modified settlement agreement, Dwayne B. v. Rick Snyder et al. emphasizes the importance of MDHS monitoring the provision of health services to foster children to determine whether they are of appropriate quality and are having the intended effect. This MDHS Health Oversight and Coordination Plan is developed to establish continuity of health care for children in foster care and to ensure a comprehensive and coordinated treatment approach by all professionals involved in their care.

MDHS is committed to improving the delivery of health care services to children. The Health Oversight and Coordination Plan ensures forward movement to improved health care delivery while an infrastructure is put in place to sustain these efforts and yield an improved health care delivery system that meets the physical and mental health needs of every child in foster care. MDHS will continue to monitor best practices and propose changes to the MDHS health plan when new strategies provide promising outcomes. Link to pdf Plan