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Center for the Study of Social Policy: This multi-year initiative examines ways to support foster youth that advance healthy development and well-being and reduce the impact of negative life experiences.

Youth Thrive has two goals:

  1. To      give child welfare agencies and their partners a way to translate the      federal mandate for child well-being into actions that will secure the      healthy development of youth in foster care. CSSP has examined the      research knowledge-base to identify protective and promotive factors that      build healthy development and well-being for youth as they move through      adolescence into adulthood. The synthesis of the research and the Youth      Thrive Protective and Promotive Factors Framework will be shared with the      field, and used to fashion policies, programs and interventions that      promote health and well-being. CSSP anticipates creating tools and      trainings for practitioners working with at-risk youth, parents, foster      parents and relatives caring for youth, group homes and other facilities      and child welfare agencies.
  2. To      disseminate this information to parents, caregivers, families and communities      so that they will better understand how they – in their respective roles –      can prioritize healthy development for young people to grow into      successful, productive and caring members of society.

Link to Youthrive Web Page