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Responding to Childhood Trauma: The Promise and Practice of Trauma Informed Care

This paper works to increase appreciation of the relevance of trauma in understanding children and in planning to meet their needs. It discusses the vulnerability of children and the unique needs of traumatized children. Part 1 on the challenge of childhood trauma provides a synopsis of child development and the differential responses to trauma, identifies risk and protective factors related to child maltreatment, explains the magnitude of the problem of trauma and consequences related to child psychiatric disorders, adult psychiatric disorders, juvenile and criminal justice, women who have been traumatized, inappropriate interventions, and the psychological effects of trauma on children. Part 2 on trauma-informed care reviews key components of trauma informed care, strength based approaches and the promotion of resilience, the use of the public health model, and programmatic approaches to trauma informed care. Recommended public policies at the federal, State, and local levels are also discussed, and a list of suggested reading is provided. Link to Brief

Michigan College Support Guide for Foster Care Alumni

This guide is for by anyone who is interested in learning more about programming and scholarship support resources on Michigan’s higher education campuses. This includes, but is not limited to:

●   Youth and alumni of foster care

●   DHS case managers and education planners

●   Local College Access Network coordinators

●   Foster parents and caregivers

●   High school counselors and college advisors

Includes: Ferris State, Michigan State, University of Michigan and Western Michigan University. http://www.detroitcollegepromise.com/fostercare.pdf

Coaching In Child Welfare

National Child Welfare Resource Center for Organizational Improvement: Provides information on a growing trend in child welfare – using managers, supervisors, peers, trainers and others to coach staff. Offers a brief definition of coaching and the coaching process, and a discussion of the seven critical components of coaching programs, all illustrated with real world examples of programs already underway. Highlights the experience of one participant in the Leadership Academy for Middle Managers coaching program, and provide some resources. Link to pdf Description